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Breakthrough in B2B E-commerce Strategy with these 4 Elements

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 16, 2017

When looking at the idea of purchasing things online, the way business customers look at the process is a lot different. When it comes to the idea of purchasing they look into trust factors and maximum accommodation from the service provider. Businesses must focus on providing the most information and service in the least period of time in order to be able to develop a success B2B e-Commerce strategy.  B2B customers expect to be looked after even after the conversion process is accomplished and in return, they naturally tend to become an ambassador for your product, service and brand.

Here are a few aspects that can be used to build a B2B e-commerce strategy.

Advanced Configurability

The pricing options need to be configured in an advanced manner and quoting and ordering require complex products and service combinations. There is a constant requirement for out-of-the-box processes and technology competencies. The most commonly sought after points in a B2B channel are sophisticated competence to sustain advanced pricing and product configurations. This is inclusive of business norms and work hierarchy that point out precise costing for individual customers, approval procedures and rules of governance to facilitate execution of sales and marketing strategy through all channels.


An American research and advisory firm predicts that in the next coming year, B2B enterprises with a capable personalization on their e-Commerce solution websites will be able to perform 30 percent better than their counterparts who do not provide same or similar levels of personalization. B2B businesses try to create a user-rich experience for customers when they log on by creating a custom catalog and then, judge contract and volume pricing. The search and navigation are to be in the context of the visibility. Content present on the homepage are segments according to the relevant industry. Providing an apt bulk or quick order form for quicker ordering makes the user experience more time effective. Targeted marketing through e-mail can prove useful to create wider business opportunities.

Enrich the Commercial Process

Provision of speed and quality through the entire commercial procedure, thus laying focus on expanding conventional shopping cart can prove to be an added advantage for customers over other e-commerce solution providers. Through this methodology, e-Commerce enterprises can minimize the time spent on petty tasks and be able to provide their customers with information in an increasingly inclusive and apt manner.

Leverage an Integrated Platform

The customer experience can be boosted through integrated B2B solution with bill of material level specifics, the transparency in the supply chain and reports available on demand.  On the road to improve the customer experience and enhance the customer lifetime value, related products are offered, such as the materials that are usually bought together and in the process they partner with other provides and drop shipping items to for a combination in the same transaction. 

Following these above mentioned strategies for a B2B e-commerce business can help create a site that is easy to use, navigate and is also intuitive thus helping to maintain long term customers.

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