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Brenntag Makes Gains through Automated Loading and EMCS Reporting

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 14, 2016
Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico Group

Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico Group

HAMBURG, GERMANY: Brenntag GmbH, a global chemical distributer has started using OpenTAS Terminal Management System to load its heating oil and diesel products at its terminal in Britz, Berlin. Specialists from the Implico Group—an international consulting and Software Company set up inventory accounting using the OpenTAS system. “Implico combines its vast experience across various projects in the oil and gas downstream industry with IT and SAP ERP expertise to efficiently serve their customers,” emphasizes Thomas Weggelaar, CEO, Implico. “We keep our focus on the logistics and financial processes of the oil and gas business. Our aim is to offer integrated order-to-cash processes, combined with real-time analytics, mobile applications and cloud-based services.”

Brenntag GmbH is now using a centralized standard system for inventory accounting and loading automation with the adoption of OpenTAS. The terminal deliveries are now arrived via railcar and are shipped out using trucks. Whereas, earlier all the heating oil and diesel shipments were managed using two separate software systems, since Brenntag had deployed hardware from two manufacturers on the loading platforms and was therefore using the solution from each provider. This consumed a lot of time as the processes were done manually. To solve this issue, the company decided to introduce a hardware-neutral software solution capable of communicating with any piece of equipment in the field.

OpenTAS—invented by the Implico Group is used to operate numerous tank terminals across the globe. This tightly-integrated solution automates and optimizes each and every task involved in the storage and transportation of oil and gas products. Evidently, when drivers log on by entering the terminal with their tank trucks, relevant checks are made automatically in the background. Adding further credence, OpenTAS controls the loading checks and alerts if the truck’s gross vehicle weight is exceeded.

“Earlier, each shipping document cost us a few minutes,” says Kay-Uwe Lietz, Site Manager at Brenntag’s Britz terminal. “Now, all system postings are made automatically and we just need to monitor the transactions.”This has eliminated the potential errors caused by manual input and also makes it easier and faster to prepare month-end accounts for the terminal. As some shipments from the Brenntag terminal in Britz involve the suspension of excise duty, they have to be approved via the electronic Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS). The onset of EMCS reporting creates fully automated shipping documents for truck drivers within no time.