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Bridging Content Marketing to Sales Strategy

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

The omnipresence of digital content and the influence of social media on consumers are compelling the companies to rethink their marketing strategies. With almost every company embracing digital marketing to boost their sales, conversion of online visitors into leads has become more challenging owing to cutthroat competition in the digital media market. To grab the consumer attention, the marketers need to rise above ‘content mediocrity’ to stay ahead of the game in their efforts. According to Ann Handley, the Chief Content Marketing Officer at MarketingProfs and a Wall-Street bestselling author, mediocre content with the absence of empathy is what embroils the marketing efforts of most marketers. Unlike the traditional marketing approach, modern marketing methods are shaping the digital landscape, with a multitude of companies flocking to social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and the rest, to target their audience.

Though both are independent functions, Content Marketing is deployed to attract more visitors while Sales Strategy enables their conversions into sales. Content Marketing alone does not help it as both Content Marketing and Sales strategy need to work in conjunction, for a more meaningful outcome. A pool of 20,000 monthly visitors to a website would make no sense if the value were not derived from them for a business. The relationship between both the disciplines is important, as sharing information mutually between both teams will go a long way. When closer, the watchdogs (salespeople) can share the details such as needs, wants, preferences and demographics with content marketing team to customize the content according to the taste of the customer.

The key to driving traffic to a website is a timely optimization in compliance with the SEO guidelines. More the site is optimized; more is the flow of traffic. Besides, the biggest challenge for a content marketer is to understand the diversity of the visitors and tailor the content accordingly. As they often interact with customers, salespeople can aid Content Marketing team in understanding the customer behavior, their needs and preferences to customize the content.

Further, the success of this relationship follows for both the teams to be committed to best practices, for the success of the marriage between Content Marketing and Sales Strategy.

•    Creating a platform for effective communication between both the teams.

•    Dividing the traffic, or visitors, into sub-categories (and assigning a salesperson to each sub-group);

•    Including a feedback and improvement loop alongside taking an initiative to measure, comprehend, analyze with a suitable action plan blended with a right marketing mix.