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Bridging Technology and IT Infrastructure in Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Friday, June 15, 2018

Unlike the past, digital transformation is not just limited to the front-end digital customer experience. Today, it needs a modern, mission-critical infrastructure on the back-end as well. Digitally transforming a business is about creating a competitive advantage, getting closer to the customers and optimizing IT expenses as well as efficiency. The ultimate goal is to be more efficient, agile and competitive in today’s market. During the transformation process, the ability to consolidate, rationalize, and create a flexible ICT foundation is the key — and for this requires a platform and partner that can deliver both operational stability and cloud flexibility.

As the IT industry is ready to embrace the next wave of IT advancements, built upon a foundation of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies, new paradigms are being set for the digitization of business models and processes. IT organizations will have to embrace the emerging paradigms by making the data center of the future become the workhorse that hosts, manages, and delivers this compelling new digital experience for end-user computing. Modern advanced data centers promise to be able to support and democratize mission-critical computing to offer increased scalability, predictability, and performance while enabling enhanced security.

Digital transformation is a powerful force of change within an organization. However, improper implementation and lack of planning makes organizations end up with poor experiences. The chances of a digital transformation initiative failing is mainly due to poor change management. Some of the best places to start are areas that are struggling the most due to outdated legacy technology or complex processes.

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