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Brightflag Announces its New Chief Customer Officer

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Brightflag, an artificial intelligence powered enterprise legal management (ELM) platform, announced Kevin Cohn as their new Chief Customer Officer (CCO). The inclusion of Cohn with Brightflag's experienced executive team will help the company to achieve the milestone of the world's largest enterprise.  Brightfield has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in 2018 and is likely to continue its expansion with April's Series A investment of $ 8.5 million. With the sizeable growth in all six continents from offices and data centers in North America, Australia, and Europe, the company plans on doubling its body count to meet the global requirement for contemporary legal services. Prior to signing in with Brightflag, Cohn was a prominent figure in the development of Smartling, a smart language translating platform. Cohn brings in a wealth of SAAS experience onto the table with his extensive expert experience as a COO for Atypon, a leading software developer for an academic publisher.

According to Ian Nolan, co-founder, and CEO of Brightflag, the sudden outburst of their company was lead due to the ability to centralize and align customers legal invoice management and commercial broadcasting capabilities. The robust language analytical technology possessed by the platform helped to elevate consumer's real savings from 8 percent to 12 percent. To help general counsel, legal operation professionals, and in-housing lawyers to gain a superior status, Brightflag is architecting an intelligent ELM system. The company's state of the art artificial intelligence unwinds every aspect of legal operation from completing the task on individual matters to reporting on legal spends. AI-powered reviews allow consumers to compare different law firms against billing guideline and flag savings and in turn, granting consumers access data visibility to get greater control on external legal spend. Brightflag also provides a dedicated centralized portal for managing accruals, spending reports by law firms, and customizing billing guidelines for outside counsel management. Availing the platform lets users construct a legal data dashboard enabling them to personalize and analyze reports and guide them to take better legal decisions.

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