Bringing voice to IoT, Arria NLG partners with Inovx

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Arria NLG, a London based Natural Language Generation (NLG) provider has partnered with California based asset virtualization firm Inovx. The synergetic partnership would employ the former’s AI powered NLG technology to the 3D asset modeling and virtualization tools of the latter. NLG is the process of obtaining meaningful information from huge chunks of data. The functional area of Inovx primarily being plants of the oil and gas sector, the incorporation of Arria’s technology would essentially leverage the prospect of plant monitoring by enabling real-time advanced data analysis and commentary to Inovx’s 3D asset modeling software. Additionally, plain English output along with the predictive recommendation of the NLG would make the 3d virtual representation quite interactive and intuitive making it easier for engineers to gain real time insights.

Stuart Rogers, Chairman and Chief executive, Arria NLG, said that the partnership joined two leading artificial intelligence technologies at a "crucial point of development for giving a voice to the Internet of Things”. Endorsing the partnership, John Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Inovx said, "We consistently seek compelling technologies that can further improve the operational efficiency of our customers' critical assets. By linking Inovx’s products to Arria's NLG technology we feel we have a game changer. True Virtual Artificial Intelligence monitoring and informing controllers aids to the state of both their downstream and upstream assets.”

Founded in 2013, Arria NLG, with its patented technology offerings has branches across North America and Asia Pacific and EMEA. The Arria NLG Platform can be configured for a wide range of client needs; it also offers its technology as pre-packaged SaaS Products and as a Software Development Kit (SDK) with APIs that allow developers to add NLG functionality to their own applications.

Founded in 1999 Inovx’s services span across asset virtualization, documentation and modeling.