Broad River Centralizes STORIS Finance Application Queue

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

FREMONT, CA: STORIS, provider of retail software platforms, has released an enhancement to in-store of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. STORIS partner, Broad River being a home furnishing retailer marks the first STORIS partner in expediting the credit application experience for customers with new module-STORIS Finance Application Queue.

“Broad River had been searching for the ideal finance waterfall solution for over two years. We determined that we wanted a fully integrated solution with our ERP on the front end at the point of sale and on the back end with funding and processing, so we decided to help develop the product directly with STORIS,” says, Charlie Malouf, CEO, Broad River. Involving Broad River in the early designs and architecture of software, tailored all the clientele needs by providing an improved finance application process by integrating the complete client base.

The module suppresses the complicacy involved in multiple window retailing to a centralized and integrated finance application. Additionally, the centralization improved aggregate approval rates from the vendors and extended credits to numerous consumers. The retailers and consumers experienced an improved efficiency as the module seamlessly integrated the duplicity involved in the application entry through multiple portals into STORIS ERP application software. The new module helps retailer to easily propose application to another finance vendor if the primary credit application of retailer declines. Users can opt and apply for numerous third party finance providers which include various secondary and tertiary financing plans trans a single application window.

Finance Application Queue incorporates several finance vendors like Citibank, TD bank, Capital One, Synchrony and other related vendors. STORIS does not limit users from choosing plans and selecting the financial vendor; instead it makes the process of capital transaction more efficient by eliminating the errors included in manual data transfer. Bringing flexibility in the new workflow module makes integration possible with every system regardless of any specifications leading to shorten implementation time, reduction in sales disruptions during the financial procedures, helping to build strong customer relationships. With knowledge on the criticality of offering financial services, Donald Surdoval, CEO, STORIS stated, “STORIS felt it was important to invest in making the finance application, authorization and settlement processes seamless and efficient within our ERP. We are happy with initial results and look forward to seeing the enhancements benefit all of our customers, beginning with Broad River.”