B-Scada's Status Enterprise Software Delivers Real-Time Data Visualization Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

CRYSTAL RIVER, FL: B-Scada, a designer of User Interface solutions for Windows and web applications is providing its Status Enterprise software to a telecommunication company Foreshow Information, allowing them to visualize the data in real-time.

B-scada constructs data visualization solutions for manufacturing, power and utilities and automation businesses using HMI/SCADA software. Status Enterprise System benefits companies by managing, organizing, analyzing and archiving massive amount of data and assets. It enables integration of organizations data with other enterprise information, allowing companies to take better decisions.

Status Enterprise helps companies reduce downtime, operation and maintenance cost as well as bolsters operational efficiency and production quality. In addition it provides access to data from anywhere on any device, and identify opportunities for growth.

Graphic design technology and Key Performance Indicators dashboards are part of Status Enterprise which allows users to visualize unprecedented amount of intelligence on HMI screens. As information from database and other enterprise application can be integrated into organizations information model, it allows users to create mimic templates and view data of any asset utilizing same screen.

Status Enterprise is used to monitor and control numerous industrial and commercial processes in industries like manufacturing, water treatment, transportation, and facility management. This latest deployment serves as yet another example of how B-Scada’s software can be applied to solve a wide range of business problems in nearly any industry.