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BSI Announces Its New CEO

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2020

Susan has also led information, publishing, and software companies, first at Reuters and then at Thomson Reuters.

FREMONT, CA: The British Standards Institution (BSI) announced Susan Taylor Martin as Chief Executive of BSI in 2021. Susan will join BSI in January and will benefit from the progressive handover of the new Chief Executive Officer, Howard Kerr, who will be leaving the company in 2021 after 12 years in office. During Howard’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer, BSI had an uninterrupted period of resilient growth, more than shrinking its sales from 179 million pounds in 2007 to 48 million pounds in 2019 and increasing its customer base from 124 to 179 countries.

“Howard can be immensely proud of the achievements he has made during his tenure at BSI. He leaves the company in great shape to tackle the challenges of the future. His leadership has enabled BSI to develop into the purpose driven, successful and globally relevant organization it is today. We are fortunate to have Susan joining us as Chief Executive to maintain our growth, and to support businesses and governments worldwide at this critical juncture as we all look to build back better post-pandemic,” said John Hirst, Chairman, BSI.

Susan has also led information, publishing, and software companies, first at Reuters and then at Thomson Reuters. She recently served as President of its New York-based Global Legal Firm, where she led the transformation of its online information service into an AI-enabled suite of digital and SaaS offerings. Since 2012, Susan has had experience in the consumer, leisure, and hospitality field as an independent non-executive director of Whitbread plc. Besides, she is a former chair of the London Council of the Confederation of British Industry.

“It is with great pride that I move on, leaving the organization in Susan’s capable hands. BSI has many opportunities as it enters its 120th year and I am confident that the next chapter of BSIs long history will continue to be successful, true to our purpose and values to inspire trust for a more resilient world, “commented Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI.

“I am excited to be joining BSI at a pivotal stage in its evolution. I have been hugely impressed by the power of the mission, the expertise of the team and the quality of the brand. I have also been struck by the opportunity we have as a team to work together and leverage BSIs talent, knowledge and insights for an even greater impact for all our stakeholders. There was never a more important time to lead an organization which shapes and maintains the standards that help businesses improve performance, reduce risk and grow sustainably,” said Susan Taylor Martin, Chief Executive Designate, BSI.