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BSI Unveils a New Workplace Hygiene Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Howard Kerr, CEO

Howard Kerr, CEO

BSI has introduced a new workplace hygiene solution, which consists of standards, consultancy, training, auditing, and the BSI Kitemark.

FREMONT, CA: BSI is the business improvement company. Recently, they have launched a new workplace hygiene solution, which consists of standards, consultancy, training, auditing, and the BSI Kitemark. The system has been established to assist organizations in implanting a process of good practice, which is healthy, safe, and hygienic all through their operations.

Several organizations have entered their next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. They must develop trust by placing measures to make sure their working environment is not only safe but also hygienic for employees, customers, stakeholders, and members of the public. A good workplace that follows healthy, safety and hygienic practices can help decrease the possibility of injury and ill health, even involving transmittable disease and the related cost of absence. It can also help to enhance productivity and permit the organizations to determine their customers that they must be confident and comfortable while returning to their facility.
BSI's Workplace Hygiene Solution consists of the following:

Consultancy services- The service contains a wide range of strategic, management, and technical health and safety solutions like ergonomics training for remote working. It even includes a comprehensive guide that BSI will partner with companies to align to their specific workplace hygiene requirements.

Manage standards- With the help of British Standards Online (BSOL), a simple online tool that can be utilized to obtain numerous standards. Using standards will ensure that best practice prevails and decreases the risk in an organization and encourages trust with customers.

Training- Virtual classroom-based sessions and the latest micro-learning modules are accessible to view through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Customized audits- This is delivered onsite and remotely to assist in managing risks and prospects. It even consists of internal and second-party supplier audits.

According to Howard Kerr, Chief Executive at BSI, "As many organizations return to the workplace and start to rebuild and set a revised course for their next normal, leaders are learning to navigate a new health, safety, and hygiene landscape. Organizations must adapt quickly, adopt new working practices and address new regulations whilst ensuring they are trusted to protect people, and provide a healthy and safe environment for the benefit of employees and customers alike.This is vital to ensuring that organizations build resilience in the coming months to address both the challenges and opportunities - that the COVID-19 pandemic brings. Were here to support organizations so that together, we can help to make the working environment safe for all."