BT Announces the Launch of its Global SIP in Ireland, Canada, Singapore

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FREMONT, CA: BT, a leading Telecommunications solutions provider has recently announced about their plans to launch its Global SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in Ireland, Canada and Singapore. According to a blog post by Colm Sunderland, BT Ireland’s head of sales for specialist data and voice, the launch is to happen later this year.  A key component in BT’s Multiservice Edge, SIP standard enables access to multiple services at the interface between a client and the company’s network interface.

As SIP trunking is used to unify traditional telephony with IP networks and VoIP, customers can consolidate a PSTN estate made up of TDM connections and leased lines for short-term cost-saving benefits and long-term strategic goals. By reducing the number of PSTN connection points, customers significantly reduce maintenance overheads, centralise control over telephony and cut call costs by keeping internal calls “on-net”.

According to Colm, large multinationals make a substantial number of internal calls that nearly account for half the voice calls they make. Multiservice Edge gives customers a solitary administration view, replacing the divided systems and the need for various merchants. BT has sourced a centralized call manager solution from a server farm, to deliver Global SIP over a MPLS WAN.

Further savings accrue due to the cost-effective combination of outbound calls specific to each nation and locale where it leaves a digital footprint every time. The communications expert has been putting forth Global SIP at the center of its operations for the last 10 years, as more and more clients have introduced IP networks, to deliver "diverse methods of working" on account of elements like desktop video conferencing, texting and coordinated effort.