BUFFERZONE Protects Windows 10 from Advanced Threats

By CIOReview | Monday, December 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With more and more systems getting prone to threats and attacks from unauthorized users, it is essential to safeguard them before any data breach takes place. With this motive, BUFFERZONE, provider of security solutions extends its support for Windows 10.

To protect the use of web browsers and email on Windows 10, BUFFERZONE isolates internet applications in a secure, virtual container that prevents any malware download by employees. It secures all the activity done over the web by running it within a secure container. It restricts the malware and protects the organization.

BUFFERZONE’s container hooks into the Windows kernel that provides security to users and blocks all programs in the buffer zone. It secures employees and their endpoints, allowing organizations to safely adopt BUFFERZONE. It operates with Windows 10 to protect browsers, email attachments and removable media without affecting the user experience.

“The most vulnerable party in information security today is the user endpoint, making the extra layer of protection increasingly necessary. We are happy to provide BUFFERZONE support for Windows 10 to meet the pressing need for advanced protection from malware, including ransomware, drive-by downloads, and phishing scams,” says Israel Levy, CEO, BUFFERZONE.