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Bugcrowd Announces the Launch of Bugcrowd M&A Assessment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Ashish Gupta, CEO

Ashish Gupta, CEO

Bugcrowd’s pre-packaged, security testing solution facilitates rapid evidence-based due diligence on an acquisition or merger target to enhance complex M&A processes.

FREMONT, CA: Bugcrowd, the pioneering crowdsourced security company, announces the launch of Bugcrowd M&A Assessment (Mergers and Acquisitions), a pre-packaged bundle of security tests that comprise remotely-deployed penetration testing with the advanced asset discovery, alerting, attribution, prioritization, and management abilities. Organizations can start these tests in 72 hours or less, and access results in real-time, expediting an evidence-based evaluation of a merger target’s cybersecurity posture.

Most of the organizations engaging in M&A activity will consider cybersecurity posture as a vital factor in their due diligence process. The inability to handle the integration of cybersecurity practices poses its own risks. In addition to that, the sprawling digitization of information and assets, and the resulting mount in cyber threats, enterprises are expanding their security assessments during the diligence period. Bugcrowd responds to its customers by using its unique capabilities to identify and assess vulnerabilities that could influence an M&A process and negotiation.

M&A Assessment uses a global network of highly vetted and carefully selected security researchers to assess the security posture of assets exactly as attackers would. This enables organizations to spot potential blind spots, reducing the risk of an exposed asset or potential breach. M&A Assessment also provides the acquiring company with immediate insights into an acquiree’s security status, allowing them to have clarity on the landscape and the wherewithal to make a decision on the M&A deal.

Bugcrowd M&A Assessment offers penetration testing enabling firms to identify and harden their attacking surface, NDA-backed testers providing immediate access to trusted talent, software-powered asset discovery, launch in as little as 72 hours, and complete-audit-ready reports available in just three weeks. It works with rapid resourcing, triage and prioritization, executive reporting, and post-report analysis.