Building Low Cost IoT sensor networks
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Building Low Cost IoT sensor networks

By CIOReview | Friday, November 3, 2017

The growing IoT ecosystem in the modern day has facilitated in connecting smart devices with the IoT technologies like sensors, cloud and wearables. Sensors are utilized in a lot of IoT devices like smartphones and climate monitoring that help in building a low cost IoT networks. Aspects like hardware, communications and sensor are part of this new age of IoT technologies. There are different types of sensors like pressure, temperature, proximity, optical and many other types of sensors that are commonly used in IoT.

Environmental Monitoring Sensor Node like thermometer and motion sensor help in analyzing the environmental conditions like rain interfering. The sensor is also used to monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and other environmental factors.

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There are two sensors that are crucial in low cost IoT devices – sound sensor and video sensor. As the term suggests, sound sensors detect the sound activity of the environment. This sensor helps in controlling the sound parameters in real time. Video sensor on the other hand, offers a visual understanding of the activities in an environment. This sensor can be used for monitoring security with vibration, collision and door sensors. The space utilization can be estimated using the motion and sound sensors available in IoT devices.

Machine Learning algorithm can be utilized in sensors to reduce errors. The concept of machine learning means providing the machine with the goals and information and once it processes and learns, it can be utilized to fulfill the objective. This can be helpful in a lot of different fields like reducing cost in industrial applications with its predictive capabilities.

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