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BurstIQ Unveils BurstChain's User Interface Software Developer Kit

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The BurstIQ Toolset will permit the large and small enterprises to seamlessly develop and install solutions on the organization’s secured blockchain data exchange network.

FREMONT, CA: BurstIQ is one of the leading providers of blockchain-enabled secure data exchange services. The company has announced the full release of the BurstChain's User Interface Software Developer Kit. It is a set of crucial accelerator tools that will permit the application developers to quickly install the blockchain-enabled web applications and services on the BurstIQ Platform.

The BurstChain UI SDK consists of numerous tools designed for simplifying and accelerating the app development and deployment procedure. In June, the npm module version of the SDK was released, which involves modules that help to rapidly configure and deploy the major application functionalities, comprising user administration and access controls, user preferences, analytics visualization, and a dashboard builder.

The full version of the UI SDK has added two latest npm modules, which are consent contract creator and dictionary editor. The new modules streamline the procedure of developing consents and data dictionaries, that allow the crucial components to be controlled by business analysts, researchers, and system administrators. Moreover, to manage them, it will not require a specialized software development skill. Every module is configured in a way that will help them to seamlessly integrate with BurstIQ's blockchain-based data exchange network, BurstChain.

Besides, the UI SDK now consists of application starter kits in JavaScript, Python, and JavaScript starter kit for BurstIQ's customized analytics application, AdaptiveIQ. Users will get the three application starter kits from the Apache v2 open source license.

BurstIQ's CTO, Tyson Henry, says, "Helping our partners accelerate their blockchain projects is an important aspect of what we do. There are new regulations emerging all over the world that are mandating things like granular data ownership, dynamic consent, interoperability, and secure data sharing. Enterprises need to adapt quickly and integrate new data governance models into their systems and services. The BurstIQ toolbox is designed to help our partners do just that."