Business Intelligence Tools: Turning Data Into Opportunity
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Business Intelligence Tools: Turning Data Into Opportunity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Business Intelligence (BI) is a game changer when it comes to today's SMEs. It opens ways to the analysis of business data to extract useful information. Businesses that implement BI solutions at its initial stage guarantee not only improved sales but also to better relationships with their customers. With more firms jumping into the bandwagon investing in BI tools is the most considerable option. There are many points to consider to this end.

• Turning raw data into actionable information

Companies already collect large amounts of data. Collecting data alone will not help in making useful decisions. There are several terabytes of data on a server, but if information cannot be broken down and analyzed, then the small business is no different from those that don't collect any data. The primary function of BI is to help convert raw data into useful information for business executives.

• Make smarter Decisions

BI tools serve as a technical backbone to business activities. All the data generated from every corner of the business goes into a central repository and, from there, a thorough analysis is performed on the data to obtain insight. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution typically serves as the heart of the BI system. With a BI solution in place, all this information is channeled through the system so that information can be analyzed.

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• Deepened Customer knowledge

Another considerable benefit of BI is that it helps businesses gain a better understanding of their customers. Markets are saturated, which gives consumers plenty of options, making the current market hard to target. Companies must find ways to understand their customers better. With the help of BI solutions, data can be drawn together from all platforms and various departments. This results in creating a working New Customer Journey for each product or campaign.

• Deliver exemplary customer experiences

According to Gartner, customer experience (CX) is the new battlefront for business competition. The report shows that businesses that are winning the CX battle record more new customers while at the same time retaining most of their existing clients. BI solutions such as SAP Business Intelligence can help you advance your customer experience goals. This understanding of your customers can help in giving each customer exactly what they want.

When companies implement these BI tools, it's not just guaranteed better insights that would help in making improved decisions, but it also invests in a solution that would help in understanding the customers, making way for delighted and enhanced customer experiences.  

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