Business Transformation through Artificial Intelligence

Business Transformation through Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 28, 2022

Artificial intelligence, like the Internet of Things, has the potential to alter the economy with technological advancements drastically.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence is seen as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, human intelligence and resourcefulness. It is a type of software that can make judgments on its own and respond in situations that the creators did not anticipate. The artificial intelligence software can then present the human user with synthesized routes of action. As a result, businesses can employ AI to help the game out the potential outcomes of each action and streamline the decision-making process. In business, artificial intelligence streamlines labor operations and aggregates company data. AI is projected to move digital technology away from the two-dimensional screen into the three-dimensional physical environment surrounding a person.

Machine learning

Machine learning frequently employs systems that collect massive volumes of an organization's data. Smart energy management systems, for example, collect data from sensors attached to various assets. The massive amounts of data are then contextualized by machine-learning algorithms and presented to the company's decision-makers for them to comprehend energy use and maintenance requirements better.


Artificial intelligence is a crucial ally in detecting flaws in computer network defenses. AI systems can detect a cyberattack and other cyber threats by watching previous trends in data intake. When it detects a threat, it can search data for the source and avoid future threats. That second set of eyes, as meticulous and consistent as AI, will be invaluable in safeguarding infrastructure. Because of the scope and rising complexity of these challenges, businesses really can't have enough cybersecurity professionals to look at them.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are altered due to artificial intelligence. When Artificial Intelligence is applied to these platforms, a standard CRM system evolves into a self-updating, auto-correcting system that manages relationships for the businesses. The banking sector is an excellent illustration of how AI may help with client connections.

Internet and data research

The paradigm for how the appropriate information reaches the right user at the right time is altering. AI analyses a massive amount of data to find patterns in people's preferences through their search behavior. It gives them more relevant information about their situation. Users will enjoy a more personalized experience as they use their devices more and as AI technology advances. It is great news for small businesses because it will make it easier to target a particular demographic.

Personal digital assistants

Artificial intelligence isn't just for providing a more personalized experience for customers. It can also change how the organization runs on the inside. AI bots are utilized as personal assistants to help manage emails, schedule, and even make advice for process simplification. These AI assistants are programmed to answer inquiries from clients who call or chat online.