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Busting the Myth Bubbles of Digital Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 3, 2019

Digital marketing has emerged as a revolutionizing tool for businesses, especially for the small ones. Many have already understood the power and potential of social media but there prevail some myths associated with it that restrict a few to utilize the tool.

Digital Marketing Does Not Work for Everyone

Social Media platforms are open for all and have benefitted every industry that has optimized it. The only thing is that the same approach does not work for everyone. Companies need to analyze their social media strategies prior to deploying it. They need to understand that things and mindsets change with time and sector, so even if any strategy failed or succeed for others the same may not happen to them. Understanding the demands and targeting the correct cohort will surely show positive results.

Negative Reviews Harm Reputation and Sales

Reviews reflect the mindset of customers if analyzed properly instead of taking them as a burden. The customer relationship and customer service team must take this as an opportunity to build a reputation among customers and gain their trust by resolving their queries and complaints. A good company not just provides a remarkable product but also provides equally remarkable service and social media platforms are best to connect to the audience and these reviews help in understanding the mindset of the mob and predict their needs as well.

SEO Works No More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also evolved just like other things with time. Primitive SEO techniques have definitely become obsolete but not complete SEO; it is a crucial part of digital marketing just that the techniques have changed. With the emergence of new tools and search methods companies also need to change their primitive SEO methods, regular research is required to understand what is prevailing in the industry and which technique is ideal for the business.

CTR is Everything

Click-through rate (CTR) just reflects the number of visits and visibility of the website but until and unless these clicks do not convert into sales these are least effective. There are many other factors that such as site functionality, website design, ease of access, process simplicity, device support and various others which decide the conversion of clicks into a sale. Companies need to focus on conversions as equally as CTR for achieving a remarkable sale. 

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