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Busting the Online Marketing Myths

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: There are several myths and misinformation associated with the online marketing trends that people tend to take as gospel, and they keep going with it. But each business has different conditions with diverse audiences. So a holistic approach is needed to triumph as a business in social media platforms, keeping audience responses in mind. So here are the five myths that can be pondered upon:

Websites are Dead:

The cost of bringing people to websites in inordinately high and advertisements sold to sites add to the revenue generated. Domain registrations have gone up in the past year, which indicates an increase in the number of names registered. Domain extensions are no longer limited to .com—other extensions like .me and .live are on the rise.

Mobile is the Future:

The idea that mobiles and smartphones are taking over the world is a myth that needs to be busted. An organization should make sure that relevant content shows up at the top of the page on a mobile platform, as well as on the desktop to cater to different audiences and their varied requirements. The bottom line is to analyze and determine where the audience is, and design and maintain precisely the kind of website that they want.

Social Media:

Social media generates traffic to websites, but if a business is built solely for playing on online media platforms, it will not be as beneficial in the long run. In the business' own website, however, content can be changed unreservedly, and people can be driven to specific pages with accurate responses.

Viral Video:

Videos are popular, but what matters most is quality. As people are captivated by emotion, an image that sparks the same can be much more effective than a motion image.

Target List:

It is necessary to have a very targeted list that can be responded with exact messages. The list can be made smaller with an accurate target audience.