BYOD: Infusing Productivity in Workforce

By CIOReview | Friday, June 1, 2018

BYOD or bring your own device is no longer an alien term to the millennial workforce. Today’s employees are more inclined toward using their own laptops and mobile devices as opposed to company-owned devices. The important question here is why should a company adopt a BYOD policy? What benefits does BYOD bring to an organization?

There is no denying that BYOD comes with a set of drawbacks, security concerns being the most potent among them. However, over time the policy has come to be extensively leveraged and accepted by the millennial workforce. What’s interesting is studies reveal that companies that have implemented the policy have found a significant improvement in their employees in general; they have become much more productive and efficient at work.

Based on the results of the survey that RingCentral conducted online in 2014 amongst millennials from 346 businesses of all sizes, here are some important points to consider:

Around 70 percent of the millennial work away from their office for more than 19 hours every week.

The same monotonous nine to five job can be extremely boring for the young workforce. Employees prefer working from home, cafes, or even from remote locations. The bottom line is, they spend a significant amount of time working from outside the office and having their own device for the purpose can help them become more efficient in their work.

About 50 percent believe that they can maintain a better work-life balance with the freedom to work from a location of their choice

In our hectic work schedules, striking the perfect balance between work and personal life has become a necessity. Overworking can lead to stress, which eventually negatively impact our work. BYOD can help reduce the work pressure by allowing employees to work from any location they want, whenever they want. One can work from home or take a leave on Friday and yet meet his/her work deadlines. 

According to 60 percent of the employees, employers require them to be reachable even beyond the working hours

Sticking to a nine-to-five work routine has become almost obsolete. Employees need to be accessible even after work hours via either their personal computer or any other mobile device for completing their tasks on time.

73 percent of them don’t expect mobile devices from their employers for working on the go

Providing devices for work to every employee can be exceedingly expensive and hence, allowing employees to use their own devices can be both cost-effective and efficient.

BYOD has transformed workplaces in many organizations and companies continue to implement the policy to improve the productivity of their workforce. The only things that one must pay heed to is keeping the security of sensitive information intact.