Byram Police Selects ADSi for Smooth Functioning of the Department

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BYRAM, MS: In a move to upgrade the level of their software, the Byram Police Department has selected Application Data Systems (ADSi), supplier of mobile applications and mapping solutions for the law enforcement mobile work force.

The new partnership will give the Byram Police Department a single unified platform where they can share information with other communities. It will also upgrade the Police Computer- aided Drafting (CAD), Records Management software (RMS) and Court Management Software. In addition, it will keep track of the money collected in a day by the police and will handle alerts and reminder letters of the officers. It will also remind them when they are expected to be in court.

Furthermore, the significant highlights of the ADSi software includes Fire Reporting via ADSi DataForce Web Enabled Fire Records software solution, which offers best quality, best support and flexibility; Jail Management, which delivers a cutting-edge jail management solution, where jail administrators don’t have to actually remember where the keys are hung.

Mapping and AVL, which provides a more detailed visual tool for dispatching and controlling personnel, unit locations, street and area details to officers in the field; and Mobile Dispatch Solution, MDTForce, by ADSi that works with CADForce CAD software and delivers critical dispatch information to units on the street seamlessly, swiftly and silently.

“We researched ADSi and found That ADSi took customers on based on their direction and forward-thinking, progressive policing policy,” states Chief Thomson of the Byram Police Department.

Thomson continues, “It is imperative that we offer as much safety to our responders as possible and with Hinds County and Clinton Police both already using the software it made sense. ADSi offered us a monthly subscription so there was no lump sum offering.”