Bytes Now Becomes a New Reseller for Secunia's Products

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: A global supplier of software vulnerability management products and services, Secunia has announced its partnership with Bytes Security Partnership (S.P), the network security division of Bytes Group.

Byte S.P. specializes in providing solutions and consultancy in security products and technologies and will be an authorized reseller for Secunia’s VIM vulnerability management and CSI patch management. Bytes will now be able to provide its customers solution for vulnerability management through application and operating system patching.

According to David Rawle, Technical Director at Bytes SP, “We offer a wide range of connectivity, security, communications and compliance solutions and don’t provide off the shelf products, but consult with clients to understand their current and future security needs and business objectives.”

It’s widely accepted that vulnerabilities are the root cause for majority of the security issues faced today. An error in software can serve as a gateway for a potential attacker or hacker to gain access to the system. IT security teams has to work tirelessly in order to monitor all applications on all devices that are connected to the infrastructure. They are also tasked with cross checking the inventory with intelligence reports about new vulnerabilities, and corresponding patch availability. Therefore, proper management for vulnerability and path management tools form an essential part of this entire operation.

John Gilbertson, Managing Director at Bytes Security Partnership goes on to add, “This new agreement with Secunia means that we are now able to support customers who have an increasing awareness of the now much publicized area of vulnerabilities."