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CA Privileged Access Manager- Compliance Gets a Comprehensive Suite of Applications

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA- Data breaches continue to be one of the major concerns for all organizations in the current business and technological landscape. More than often it results in heavy data loss, reputational damage, interruptions in operations and costly repercussions. To address this situation, CA Technologies has launched Privileged Access Manager which helps control privileged user access to VMware NSX environment, which is basically network virtualization platform for Software Defined Data Center(SDDC) The Access Manager responds to suspicious activities by terminating an active session, initiating session recordings, or forcing administrative user to re-authenticate with stronger credentials.

It is basically an identity-centric security portfolio. The feature update to CA Identity Suite simplifies identity governance for all users and also includes a new product called CA Data Content Discovery to help resolve compliance demands by discovering and classifying mainframe data.

 The new product focuses on permitting organizations to restrict, log and audit all the activities performed by privileged accounts. The objective here is to help them avert any kind of risk exposure to data breaches, while at the same time  implement the digital systems and applications that power the application economy.

 “This release of CA Privileged Access Manager, and its ability to control privileged user access and protect privileged credentials, allows customers to extend the benefits of the VMware NSX network virtualization platform and micro-segmentation,” said Steve Firestone, CA Technologies Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security business.