CA Technologies Aids Acciona to Reduce Risk and Address Compliance Needs for Critical Infrastructure Projects

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Acciona, a sustainable business corporation, is leveraging CA Technologies’ Identity and Access Management solutions to help minimize risk and address compliance requirements for its critical infrastructure projects.

CA Identity Manager and CA Identity Governance, implemented by CA partner everis Group, a consulting firm, provides a unified solution for user provisioning, as well as management of identities throughout their lifecycle. In addition, the CA solution provides governance, helping the customer to ensure that each user has only proper access rights, and that improper entitlement are identified and corrected timely.  

 “Our work impacts the critical infrastructure of nations globally. We cannot afford to have our own systems, sensitive data and intellectual property improperly accessed or breached,” says Juan Ignacio Gordon, Security Director, Acciona.

Gordon adds that they are taking an identity-centric approach to security and compliance. CA identity and access management solutions allow them to dynamically manage user identities and the changes around their roles, status and access rights. It also helps them to address regulatory compliance mandates. The security and automation provided by CA security solutions gives them confidence that they are protected and have the agility to grow.

Steve Firestone, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CA Security, says that CA’s solutions help customers automate identity management projects, and address the security and compliance demands around assigning the right people the right access to corporate data.