CA Technologies Launches Updates to Blend IT and Application Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CA Technologies, releases two updates to its IT management software portfolio to blend IT Management and Application Management.

According to a report by Michael Vizard of, the company has also added support for topology maps that make it simpler to correlate role- and task-based views using at- tributes such as location, application type, business service, or owner name. “The goal is to make it easy for IT organizations to visually identify the root cause of any particular problem or issue,” says, Kieran Taylor, Senior Director for Solutions Marketing for DevOps, CA.

He further adds: “IT organizations are always looking for patient zero when something goes wrong. We can make it easier to isolate any changes made to the environment.”

The latest updates from CA aim to solve the problem of identifying the real signal being generated by all the IT noise. Also, by making it possible to visually mine the data being generated inside data centre environments that span everything from mobile applications to the mainframe.