CABLExpress Unveils Angled Patch Panels to Streamline Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: CABLExpress, a cabling solution provider, launches angled patch panels to enhance the manageability and slash the installation time of fiber cabling infrastructures. The product was launched in the Data Centre World Global Conference.

The Angled patch panels are slanted to route patch chords directly into the vertical cable managers on either side of the panel. The solution enables faster installation and eliminates requirement of horizontal cable management. It also keeps cabling arranged by directing the cables cleanly into the vertical managers. The 1U cable accepts four modules or adapter panels and holds up to 96 fibers and the 2U cable holds about 192 fibers and accepts eight modules and are part of a high –density optic cabling system denominated CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk. Angled patch panels holds both fiber and copper allowing multiple connector types in each enclosure. It also elevates performance and ensures the networking time by stabling spring couplers.

The CABLExpress fiber trunks offer seamless performance, manageability, flexibility and repeatability. It enhances reduction in diameter of the cable and increases the weight enduring capacity and eases the cable management in the data center infrastructure systems. The features of Skinny- Trunk angled patched comprises of modular design in providing scalability .The internal cable managers ensures proper bend radius.  The ultra- flexible MTP connector features breakout legs, unblocking airflow paths in cabinets, thereby eliminating the installation time by using 12-to-1 plug in factor.

“Our products and solutions help data center professionals simplify cable management, increase efficiencies, and save time. The angled patch panels also allow users to maximize their rack space, providing room for other critical technologies and enabling future growth,” said Peter Belyea, president of CXtec, the parent company of CABLExpress.