Cadre Technologies' Warehouse Management System to Drive Axis Global Logistics
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Cadre Technologies' Warehouse Management System to Drive Axis Global Logistics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NEW YORK: Axis Global Logistics, a transportation and supply chain solutions provider, has built a broad network of warehouse facilities to manage inventory staging for everything from shelving, fixtures, in-store graphics, and even pop-stores. A common software platform is required, to maintain synchronization between the distributed inventories, to manage receiving, storage, picking, shipping and returns. The company’s network is driven by the warehouse management and inventory visibility systems from Cadre Technologies.

Cadre Technologies, is a provider of warehouse management software for fulfillment, logistics, manufacturing companies, and third party logistics (3PL) industry.

The company has implemented Cadre’s centralized Cadence Warehouse Management System. In remote Axis facilities, Accuplus a specialized third party system from Cadre is deployed. Holding it all together is LogiView, a hosted inventory visibility and execution platform that controls location and movement. Partner warehouses were recruited from collaborative partners in other locations including Amware Logistics in Atlanta and Dependable Distribution in Los Angeles. Both companies use Cadence WMS.

Brian Harvey, Executive Vice President, Axis Global, said, “We have built a seamless, single provider approach for retail installations. We are involved and accountable at every stage from integrating key suppliers to coordination of delivery and installation. All of this is done to meet rigid deadlines and budgets.”

Besides inventory, Axis provides delivery, installation, purchasing, printing, tear-down and returns to fill all the gaps in a full service mode.

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