Cadreon on Rocket Fuel to make Offline Data Digital

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA: IPG Mediabrands’ trading desk Cadreon signs with Rocket Fuel, a programmatic buying platform, with the motive to push its cross channel results. Following up on this deal, Rocket Fuel is to enhance IPG Mediabrands’ Audience Measurement Platform (AMP) by building on its audience segments and allowing it to analyze audience availability with offline data match; thereby linking offline cookie data and first party CRM data with online cookie data.

Rocket Fuel, developed on Moment Scoring platform which calculates the moments of influence in real time for revising programmatic decisions uses Artificial Intelligence at Big Data scale to optimize return on investment for global agencies. Aided by the solution, IPG Mediabrands’ AMP clients get full visibility and control over offline data; it would also offer them with the ability to programmatically target prospects and customers across any addressable channel.

Monte Zweben, Interim CEO of Rocket Fuel says, “With our integrated programmatic marketing platform, Rocket Fuel’s AI will enable IPG Mediabrands’ AMP to better harness and optimize knowledge about its own clients and drive improved performance."

 IPG Mediabrands will benefit from the full suite of digital campaign management tools: including expanded self-service, individual-level consumer targeting, and the ability to centralize and activate customer data from a variety of sources. This gives IPG Mediabrand clients the power to programmatically target consumers and prospects more efficiently across addressable paid and owned marketing channels.

“This is the next step of our partnership with Rocket Fuel,” says Arun Kumar, Global President of Cadreon. “It gives our agencies a new way to carry out marketing initiatives across display, mobile, video and social channels, automating bidding levels and impression distribution to achieve desired performance."