CalAmp Signs a Deal with Toyota to Expedite Wireless Forklift Fleet Management Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OXNARD, CA: The demand of efficient tracking and analysis of fleet data is constantly on the rise. Capitalizing on this issue, CalAmp-a provider of wireless products, services and solutions; signed an OEM partner agreement to provide devices and platform services to power new and commercially available T-Matics MOBILE forklift fleet management offerings to Toyota Industrial Equipment (TIE).

The T-Matics MOBILE solution aims to create operator accountability, reduce impacts, and improve scheduled maintenance, while providing extensive data to effectively manage material handling operations and workplace logistics to facilitate broad fleet efficiency.

Powered by Vehicle Management System (VMS) software, it will efficient tracking and reporting of operating behavior of forklifts and its operators communicating over public cellular networks.

The service includes a range of tracking devices and draws its technology from CalAmp Connect, an extensive cloud-based service enablement platform. It is further embeddedd with T-Matics MOBILE technology, a cellular telematics solution providing a full featured set of integrated monitoring and analytics functions. 

Highlighting features of the solution includes electronic hour meter collection and monitoring, fault code reporting, impact detection and alerting, fleet utilization and optimization, and asset tracking with GPS.

CalAmp alignment with Toyota’s on-board communication protocol helps reverting on messages coming from forklift’s electronic control module. Strengthened by its embedded programmable event generator technology, it facilitates communication in real-time environment.

The company leverages its embedded accelerometer technology to augment and improve indoor tracking capabilities, enhance the collection of usage metrics and detect collisions for these relatively slow vehicles, including prediction of impact severity.