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California Government to Fund Ground-Breaking Wildfire Technologies

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 3, 2019

California government is funding two companies to develop innovative firefighting technologies within the next few months. The technology will help the country fight against wildfire by predicting and detecting the extent of it.

FREMONT, CA: The government of California is funding two companies for the development of an innovative firefighting technology prototypes within the next few months in Butte County and three other counties. Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the prototype is a part of a new procurement process that has been established in January, and is designed to spur innovation in the government contract. Since Spring, Cal Fire, the Department of General Services, and the Department of Technology of California have received almost 131 proposals for the usage of the innovative technology for detection, notification, management, and prediction of wildfire.

The government aims to have the technologies ready by the next fire season to avoid much destruction. Technosylva, Inc. will receive a hefty amount to develop a prototype, which will p

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redict the path of a wildfire in real-time. To control the current fire behavior, the technology will consider weather, topography, and vegetation. The new information will be helpful for the local officials as they can decide about evacuations and deployment of firefighting sources before any real outbreak of fire.

Northrop Grumman is an aerospace and defense technology company based in Falls Church, Virginia. The company is also receiving a considerable amount of money to create a new wildlife ignition detection system by using remote sensors in the sky. The network intends to be faster than a 9-1-1 caller reporting a new emergency. The system will be directly connected to local dispatchers so that the ones responding first can act more efficiently and quickly.

By December, the two projects will be developed in Monterey, Butte, San Luis Obispo, and Napa counties. The government will decide later when and how they will expand the technology state-wide.
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