CALLPROMISE's New Solution Empowers Contact Center by Reducing Call Abandonment Rates

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 8, 2015

RICHMOND, VA: In a call center, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) should not only satisfy customer’s demands by assisting them but also ensure that no one be put on hold for too long. Failing to do so increases the customer’s frustration that leads to loss of customer loyalty and sales. To address this challenge, CALLPROMISE – a provider of cloud-based callback and virtual queuing technology – comes up with Callback Cloud for Business solution to help organizations provide improved contact (center) experiences to their customers.

Callback Cloud for Business, a SaaS platform, puts callers’ place in queue if they are bound to be on hold. Once any CSR becomes available, this intutive and cost effective solution calls those queued customer back through various channels such as web-callback-request widget and SMS/text. The cloud based solution doesn’t need on-site installation of any software to execute its service.

The new platform reduces the handling time for inbound calls and helps enterprise improve staff utilization for any amount of call volume. Callback Cloud for Business solution focuses on reducing the would-be-caller abandonment without increasing burden of customers or agents at lesser telecommunication costs.

“With Cloud Callback for Business, forward-thinking companies can implement a callback-first approach to customer service that respects customers’ valuable time while ensuring call center efficiency and improved cost-savings,” says Kevin Sjodin, CEO, CALLPROMISE.