Can AI Change The Game For Retail In 2020?
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Can AI Change The Game For Retail In 2020?

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered as the most promising technological advancement in the world of business. AI in retail promises benefits such as enhanced planning, higher scalability, and automated processes along with reduced errors. AI technology continues to transform with new systems that are designed and optimized for specific industries.

The retail industry still has a long way to get benefitted from the new tool, mostly because AI software becomes expensive to purchase, integrate, and maintain. Lately, there are very few retail establishments that can justify the expense of integrating an AI system. Some business owners are still skeptical when it comes to adopting specific changes and are entirely ignorant about the benefits of AI in retail.

The most common benefits of AI come from its machine learning capabilities. The AI algorithm offers a large number of data sets that creates a model, which is then used to solve new issues and problems.

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AI in retail helps in studying the sales records, customer data, and market information. The model that is gained out of the process allows the retailers to discover various trends in the market and customer purchasing behavior instantly. AI can execute steps on a large scale into the future, taking into account different factors like state of inventory, sales trends, and consumer feedback. Armed with this level of data, retailers can make quick and informed decisions that will help them in higher productivity, lower waste, a higher success rate of the campaign, and enhanced scalability.

AI methods can also learn a man-help desk by releasing the workforce from mundane work to perform more essential tasks while improving consumer experience and providing full-time customer support. AI systems can precisely manage contact information, send regular congratulatory messages, and update customer preferences to improve customer experience.

The benefits of AI in retail in the coming year will be accompanied by enhanced data management, analysis, and planning. AI possesses advanced analytical capabilities and allows them to extract difficult information from data sets. It can also design improved models that can bring creative solutions, suggest areas, and develop methods.

AI systems facilitate smart communication and data transfer modes, schedules data downloads or uploads, and provides essential analytics on market or business factors. Moreover, it helps the retailers to analyze business processes, as well as employee productivity.

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