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Can Brain Hacking Impact your CRM Program?

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lately, technology has reshaped arguably every industry we could imagine of. Several tech-savvy leaders and CIOs try to supplement productivity through incorporating cutting-edge business processes. These leaders also use several psychological techniques to engage employees in their work. Often reward systems are inbuilt into several cutting-edge technologies to drive user’s engagement. The incentive systems release dopamine into users’ brains, which engages them to work more for future rewards. And marketers seek to leverage users’ addiction to improve their existing CRM programs. For example, several gamification tools are driving sales and building loyalty techniques among personnel. However, flipping the coin, many industry adepts mentions adds that technology addition also poses great threat and can significantly impact a user’s brain.

But if the CIOs can prioritize their potential customers, they can leverage these new age technologies without any harm. Primarily, brands should apply the user data to make communications better with the end-user rather than just increasing their brand value. In a nutshell, companies should use data to customize and improve users experience with the existing CRM program. In the process, people who get exceptional brand experience turns into repetitive buyers and strong brand advocates.