Can Cloud Help Improve Network Security for Businesses?

By CIOReview | Sunday, January 19, 2020

There is a list of methods that can be used to provide anti-spam protection, and it is always wise to know about the anti-spam solution the business is picking, as different providers recommend various ranges of services.


Anti-spam is essential for every company to shield the network against different security threats. Anti-spam protection is one of the many layers of protection businesses can implement to protect the data. The latest technologies, such as enterprise-grade anti-spam protection, are within reach for every organization, irrespective of their size, due to the increased availability of cloud solutions. Besides, the solutions are comparatively easy to implement and are available at an affordable cost.

There a few anti-spam methods, which include:

Filtering Pipeline:

Filtering pipelines help in easy configuration and administration of anti-spam technologies. It also provides a means to deploy anti-spam protection on a large scale with the use of robust, high-performance design. The design consists of a chain of components that deliver enterprise-grade protection. The filter components are arranged and shared to provide increased protection. It is additionally essential to identify and block the new spam methods.

Keyword Filters:

Keyword filters make use of common phrases and words recognized in the title and body of an email message. Terms such as buy now, last day to purchase, or other references are entered into the keyword filter as they are often used in phishing messages and other illegal spam.

Usually, a wide range of keyword filters are used as it helps to protect the workers from banking scams, attempts at stealing identity, and other hazards ending up from rogue attachments, website URLs, and messages with a suspicious source. The technologies further offer antivirus, anti-malware, and phishing protection with real-time updates. It ensures identification of the latest threats, as well as the extension filters and applications that do not let unsolicited messages pass, in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) format.

Data Recovery and Encryption:

Anti-spam service providers leverage cutting edge Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies and encryption steered by the introduction of policies. It helps the business to encrypt sensitive email messages and digitally sign them, preventing unintentional leakage of information. Moreover, it also assists in remaining in compliance with industry standards or needs. DLP technologies embrace scanners, which monitors email messages for essential data. Besides, policies are introduced to establish whether an email should be encrypted or blocked. 

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