Can Gamification Help with Better Learning?
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Can Gamification Help with Better Learning?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Gamification can boost engagement, learning, and collaboration when it comes to the education sector.

FREMONT, CA: Students play video games regularly, which helps them in using multiple skills to gather facts and information about the tools and gain actionable feedback to win the game. Any failure in the game ultimately helps then in attempting it until they have progressed to the next level. Besides, failure is the foundation of learning, and collaboration is essential, where knowledge and evaluation are highly integrated.

Gamification is a method that can be a pervasive and an engaging gaming phenomenon, which can help in redesigning and supercharging the learning experience of the students. Treasure hunts, dice games, bingo, and Scrabble can be adapted for learning in the classrooms. Vocabulary words on bingo cards can help the students to guess the words after listening to the definitions. Students can form groups and play Scrabble by spelling out words to content-specific questions. Developers can build digital treasure hunts by sending the students to take pictures, record videos, or search for clues to get an answer related to a particular topic on the online platform.

Besides, with the help of free quizzing apps, students can be given multiple-choice questions, which they can answer on their devices. Additionally, teachers can also select the topic from the list of content-specific questions on the app to make use of it in the assessments or quizzes. The latest tech apps also give an option to choose a topic from a collection of digital games, ciphers, and puzzles, which can promote critical thinking. Students usually participate in adventure quests in more numbers, which allows them to earn points by correctly answering the text-dependent questions. After that, students who have the highest scores can be awarded.

Gamification is all about modifying the classroom surrounding and the regular activities into an exciting game. It demands creativity, collaboration, and learning. Multiple methods can bring games and game playing into the classroom and solely promote education, along with deepening the understanding of a subject matter of a student. Teachers can bring some elements of gaming into their classrooms and make use of a gaming platform within their curriculum. They can leverage gamification features to improve learning and student rendezvous, as well as address the necessary education standards.

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