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Can Organizations Rely on Modern Backup Systems?

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 21, 2019

The latest backup systems perform way more than only keeping data safe. They boost the organization’s savings and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Information is the sweat and blood of every industry. As the volume of data goes higher exponentially, the requirement of protecting the records against fraud or corruption gets more and more critical.

People within the organizations know the importance of information and are tasked with shielding massive terabytes of records, to make sure that compliance go well with data protection regulations, for more reliable data backup systems.

Until a few years, organizations had been depending on traditional tape backup system that no longer performs up to the mark. The challenges were numerous, starting with a software agent being installed on each virtual machine to computerize the backup. Tapes were being manually checked in and out, which often caused scratches and went unreadable in the meantime. The restoration took many days, requiring an around-the-clock employee to take care of the workflow. The process was a total nightmare as it did not do what it had to or was necessary, instead was costing way more than it’s worth.

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Organizations such as the medical businesses adopted modern and efficient methods to back up the critical data as the medical data multiplies, and the HIPAA regulations mandate security of duplicate record keeping. It was a move taken to simplify the restorations procedure as well as save money ultimately.

There were different platforms introduced as per the needs that have to be installed only once on the device, which could also manage every guest virtual machine underlying. The new system automatically selects the new virtual machines once they are created.

With the traditional system, organizations had lower confidence concerning the good backups, and restoration was always an aching task. The new backup and recovery technologies allow the employees to check the backup and make reports of it every day in just a few minutes to ensure faultless working.

Besides, the shift from traditional techniques to modern ones helps businesses to establish a disaster recovery site remotely as well, where it performs live duplication all through the day.

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