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Can Projection Technology Attract More Customers?

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 2, 2020

What attracts the customers more is the capability to immediately change the digital dimensions of virtually any surface that can improve shopping experiences by illuminating products, without affecting the physical space.

FREMONT, CA: With the holiday season here, retailers have entered the busiest season of shopping, with consumers desperately looking for the ideal gift for their friends and family. The retail industry is gradually evolving day after day, and the developments in technology have altered the way consumers communicate with brands and products. The customer interactions have become easy for them as they now receive information quickly and grasp an abundance of content. Store managers also need to keep up with the trends as well as rethink about different ways that can attract the customers craving for a memorable and engaging experience.

Studies say that 47 percent of consumers in the retail industry are inclined toward the use of technologies to bring life into the product. Digital signage in the visual world has now grown into an engaging, informing, and entertaining factor wherever people gather together, including retail locations. Most successful businesses majorly understand the emotional connection that is built between a customer’s loyalty and the brand. Projection technology brings forward limitless opportunities by providing everything from complicated mapping tools to large-scale possibilities. It helps retailers to create a captivating, immersive environment for customers to revive their enthusiasm for going out to shop and connect to new products and brands.

Displaying dynamic images on the wall by projecting different winter landscapes and holiday images to make the store more attractive can bring excitement. Apart from that, retailers can also flash impressive reviews from social media feeds about their upcoming local holiday offers on tabletops. With the help of projection mapping technology, store owners can catch the shoppers’ eyes by illuminating and projecting information at once, on the products that are displayed. For the shoppers who are last-minute buyers, it can provide additional convenience by virtually displaying different patterns and colors available.

The digital signage solutions today can be utilized for mapping onto any surface virtually, irrespective of being fabric or boxed items. Furthermore, it offers flexible positioning and programming options, where the stores can use projection technology to focus on the top products.

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