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Can Rise of AI Pose a Threat to Homeland Security

By CIOReview | Friday, September 27, 2019

AI technology is revolutionizing the whole world. However, is it really contributing to the National Security?

FREMONT, CA: According to a recent article by Wim Naude, a professorial fellow at United Nations University, for The Conversation forewarns of developing artificial intelligence (AI) arms potential that can be a risk and can potentially destroy humanity. 

Such kind of risks does not always involve crooked actors and those who purposefully harm. While working with emerging technologies, different paths might evolve and can pose a threat to the human race. 

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) has revealed its plan of hiring an ethicist who will guide the Defense Department’s development and applications of AI technologies.

The JAIC is going to make a separate position for somebody who will not only pay attention to technical standards but will be an ethicist too. The person is expected to have in-depth knowledge about ethics. Post this, the lawyers within the department will look at how this can be brought into the Defense Department.

Currently, the challenge that the United States is facing regarding use of AI’s development is that the potential adversaries do not agree upon the same ethical values of the US when it comes to allocation or utilization of information. Moreover, the restrictions that the US has on the data collection differs from the restrictions by China and Russia.

The US has fewer limitations on privacy and civil liberties that gives them the benefit of receiving the data faster and building capabilities more quickly based on what is present in their data. However, it cannot be concluded that Russian or Chinese militaries are getting benefited from it.

The data availability with the US doesn’t give them inherent strength to field in their military organizations. As a part of the department’s center of excellence for AI, it is crucial for JAIC to know the facts on what Russia and China are doing on the military side.

The potential benefit that China has over the US AI development is the country’s top-down directed incorporation between the government and the industry when it comes to developing AI to further the interests of the nation.

The JAIC is trying to strengthen the relationships they have with commercial industry.

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