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Can SaaS Help Businesses Remain Competitive in the Market?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 6, 2020

As enterprises struggle to transform to stay competitive, they have shifted their IT models to become more efficient, innovative, and agile. The SaaS model helps minimize IT costs, but it's also crucial for driving your business strategy.

FREMONT, CA: SaaS is a delivery and licensing model, where the software is accessed on the web using a subscription rather than installed on PC. With Saas, companies need not manage applications or invest in hardware to run their applications on-site. Instead, a provider hosts and maintains the infrastructure to support software, enabling updates and patches to be applied automatically and universally and trim the burden on a company's IT team. While this allows IT to focus on more strategic projects, it also needs the companies to rely on the suppliers to manage the credentials and underlying infrastructure.

The SaaS model has had a significant impact from the IT vantage point because it frees the IT departments from having to install, upgrade, and manage most of the applications, SaaS model can enhance the business strategy. SaaS technology can minimize IT infrastructure costs as well as IT management headaches. Through improved workplace productivity, opportunities for business innovation, and improved customer experience.  SaaS benefits for business innovation. As SaaS models provide the IT environment to be set up and transform quickly, it can also urge a culture of change on the business side. Besides all these, SaaS also benefits the business in many other ways.

SaaS and customer experience. Organizations can use the SaaS model to develop a varied kind of relationship with their clients and customers. Utilizing the SaaS model, customer relationships can be less transactional and more engaged than is possible in traditional sales dynamics.

With SaaS-based applications, businesses have opportunities to interact with customers to restore subscriptions and up- and cross-sell and get customer feedback on products and use feedback for product innovation. Having insight into customer needs also helps with pricing and customer support. Getting broad feedback on products applies to SaaS providers as well. They can better fine-tune products because they have a broad base of user feedback, and they get this information in real-time.

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