Can't Afford Private Cloud? Go for Abacus Virtual Private Cloud to Automate Business Processes

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 1, 2015

FREMONT,CA: Private cloud though offers greater benefit compared to the public cloud, it is much more expensive than the public cloud. Professionals and small businesses often turn away from private cloud due to the cost factor. With the finger on the pulse of professionals and the likes who wish to leverage the private cloud infrastructure, Abacus Data Systems launches 'Matching Cash Program' to help regulatory compliance businesses and professionals invest in fully automating their business on a virtual private cloud environment. The virtual platform ensures full-spectrum, robust security for regulatory compliance-sensitive businesses. The program subsidizes part of cost in migrating to Abacus private cloud.

Abacus Private Cloud is a virtual office solution designed to safeguard, store critical case and client data, documents, emails, applications and more in a fully managed secure and redundant private environment that is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. It eliminates IT management burdens, mitigating risk, ensures regulatory compliance with full-spectrum security and maximizes efficiencies, making it easy to increase revenue, reduce costs and provide exceptional client service. 

Abacus Private Cloud includes two-factor authentication, five tiers of physical, network and data security, information handling and data privacy protocols in accordance with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards.

"Today's fast-paced digital world is experiencing a paradigm shift, which businesses must embrace to further accelerate their growth," said Alessandra Lezama, CEO of Abacus Data Systems. "In order to remain fiercely competitive and fully compliant, private cloud-based solutions employ security models and capital investments that in-house IT simply cannot match."

Lezama concluded: "With ever-growing data privacy vulnerabilities and rigid compliance regulations, we are thrilled to help businesses take the next step in their journey to the Cloud by providing fully managed technology products and services for zero capital investment at a predictable, affordable monthly fee, ultimately enabling their success and performance."