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Can You Imagine Robots Working Serving Pizza?

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: What was once fiction is slowly becoming a reality now. AI robots now are the real deal helping the food service domain to reduce customer waiting time, increasing customer satisfaction.

At Junkichi

AI communication robot, Sota is taking over the workforce, not by serving, but just merely talking to customers. The bot is placed on diner's tables, and it remembers faces, as well as communicates with customers. Sota is introduced by Plenty USA in its new robatayaki restaurant called Junkichi. Customers can interact with Sota by using the app while waiting staff can enable conversation between the robot and guests via Microsoft Azure’s Text to Speech service.

At Domino's

DRU, An AI-based technology can speak to customers via text and discuss the menu, ingredients, the nearest store, and opening times within the Domino’s app. DRU can also be used with Amazon and Google Echo to speed up the ordering process. Moreover, DRU is now being tested in "world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle”. Just imagine a three-feet tall robot will carry ten pizzas at a time.

Robotic Handmade Pizzas: A New Trend

Pizzas will be made by robots at Zume. These robots can make around 370 pizzas an hour. The machine releases sauce depending on the existing pizza recipes. The customers can now add toppings, pushing the pizza into a self-cleaning pizza slicer after it is cooked. Deliveries are reduced to five to 20 minutes with the robotic machines as they make around 370 pizzas an hour.