Canam Software Labs Eases COBOL and C Code Generation for for XML and JSON

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Canam Software Labs, a global IT solutions provider, unveils Thunder Suite, a software package that automates COBOL and C code for efficient processing of JSON and XML language.

Thunder reduces the complexities of developing COBOL or C logic to read and write modern data exchange formats for both XML and JSON documents enabling companies to go to market faster. The Thunder toolset creates Readers and Writers in three steps. The first two steps – derive and bind - determine the program fields and XML/JSON structure as well as the mapping between them, resulting in a Handler Design that is used for the third step, to generate all of the source code required to read, write and validate XML or JSON messages. 

Thunder offers developers to focus on business logic programs while it handles data transformation to and from XML or JSON and delivers high performance across all business sectors. It responds to changes quickly and implements new schema versions with minimal effort. Repeatable process for code generation reduces the risk of errors inherent in handwritten code.

“With XML Thunder, we were able to redefine the process for XML-enabling COBOL and C programs,” explains Peter Prager, Director, Canam Software Labs. “Instead of handwriting code that can take months or longer, XML Thunder automates the process and reduces the development time to a matter of days. Because the response was so strong and many of the same inefficiencies exist with JSON compliance, we knew we could apply this approach for JSON-enabling COBOL programs as well. From there, it was a natural extension to package them together as a complete solution for enterprises needing both JSON and XML capabilities.”