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Canto Unveils Cumulus X with Improved Application Integration

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 30, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) and asset collaboration and engagement (ACE) software solutions releases Cumulus X with enhanced features.

The upgrade includes Cumulus Portals that allow unlimited search, view and download of digital assets through a mobile-friendly, read-only access and a completely revamped iOS app for better, read/write mobile DAM support on iPad and iPhone. It also delivers an improved API for integration with other enterprise applications and third-party platforms.

The version 10 contains additional features such as image resizing, cropping and crop templates, multi-page preview, zooming up to 4K resolution, built-in SEO support, page tagging, branding, theming mechanism for easy UI (User Interface) customization, deployment options for cloud, on premise and hybrid. It aids in combining multiple catalogs into one central brand portal, built on HTML5 Bootstrap technology. It also provides HTML5 video player tag support. The enhancement is designed for easy upgrades to future versions of Cumulus

The Cumulus X API aims to solve the issue of time, cost and complexity needed for creating integrations between DAM solution and enterprise systems- content management systems (CMS), project management, marketing automation, ERP, ecommerce and publishing applications therefore providing interoperability.

Built using responsive design that allows support for all screen sizes, standard mobile devices, operating systems as well as iOS and Android, the software allows for future adaptation to new platforms and IoT-supported devices. The mobile-first architecture empowers companies to simplify access to their digital assets and collaboration with distributed teams, partners, agencies and freelancers.

The company claims that Cumulus X promises to solve the chaos of managing ever-expanding libraries of digital content including images, videos and other visual assets.“Our longstanding commitment to creating a better, more engaging user experience for our customers, while also establishing digital asset management as an indispensable enterprise application, continues with the availability of Cumulus X,not only have we created more opportunities for our customers to integrate DAM with third-party platforms and enterprise applications with a more extensible API, but we also now offer organizations more options to access and manage their digital assets no matter where they are logistically,” says Jack McGannon, CEO, Canto.