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Capturing the Value of Data with Geospatial Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The combined potential of computing power and cloud are changing how companies deliver their solutions and are impacting how end users do their work. The benefits of the expanded computing capability of the cloud are compelling. Users can easily leverage massive cloud computing resources and can share their data that boost organizational productivity. Along with this, geospatial capabilities deployed in the cloud environment have created a new architecture and scale for geospatial applications.  Geospatial cloud platforms and geographic information systems (GIS) software offer enterprises the ability to analyze storehouses of information.

Geospatial cloud empowers people to do complex analysis on easy-to-understand smart maps, rather than giving tables, charts, and spreadsheets. This digital map allows users to visualize significant trends across business and act in mission-focused projects.

When linked to the data streams of the Internet of Things (IoT), the maps can be updated in real-time to monitor minor trends. The location intelligence can be easily combined with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to map out methods to drive productivity or adjust strategies before significant problems arise. Also, users can create maps that mark the relationship between layers of data on demographics, sales, customer behavior, and many other countless variables.

Business leaders are realizing the potential intelligent maps provide to monitor sales, review assets, social and economic trends. The flexibility of tools and apps available in geospatial cloud protect against information silos and allows for a broader sharing of information across the organization. The visualized location intelligence aids with generating insights on buying trends, traffic patterns that affect deliveries, supply chains, asset management, and many others.

The paradigm of the geospatial cloud will be the next step to empower users with better options and fewer limitations. Organizations of every size and purpose can use it to transform their business digitally.

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