Carahsoft to Use Two-Way Messaging Technology to Make School a Safer Place

By CIOReview | Monday, September 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Carahsoft Technology Corp, a provider of government IT solutions, partners with Text2Them to help schools in combating problems of bullying, campus assaults, drugs, and suicides in schools and colleges.

By adding Text2Them’s two-way messaging technology and anti-bullying program named Text 2 Stop It, Carahsoft will assist the students in reducing unsafe activity in and around schools. Students are interviewed using the two-way texting technology before informing the school of bullying/cyber bullying, drugs, fights, sexual improprieties, and other unsafe activities.

For reporting, students will have to text a statement regarding the matter which will go to the Text2Them call center. An auto reply will be generated asking the student to provide specifics such as time, date, location, names of perpetrators and witnesses to any particular event. The actual transcript of the conversation will be then sent to the school counselors/administrators for dealing with the issue.

Carahsoft will make the technology accessible to school systems through its contracts and reseller ecosystem that includes Maryland COTS Software Master Contract; the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) contract; SEWP V federal contract; and The Cooperative Purchasing Network contract (TCPN) which provides access to state and local government entities as well as non-profit organizations in all 50 states.

Text 2 Stop It, a not-for-profit corporation, uses the two-way patent-pending technology developed by Text2Them to reach students to allow them contact the “Text 2 Stop It Hotline” to report any harmful behavior in their schools.

“Text 2 Stop It harnesses the power of two-way texting technology, anonymity, and the students themselves to reduce unsafe activity in and around schools. We are pleased to add this proven solution to our portfolio and make it accessible to school systems throughout the country via our contracts and reseller ecosystem,” says Tiffany Goddard, Director of Citizen Engagement Solutions at Carahsoft.