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Carbon Relay Unveils Free and Self-Service Edition of Red Sky Ops

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Carbon Rely has announced a free and self-service edition of Red Sky Ops, an AIOps platform.

FREMONT, CA: Carbon Relay has announced a free and self-service edition of Red Sky Ops, an AIOps platform through which the user can automatically configure and optimize containerized applications. Red Sky Ops was launched in July 2019, and it is the first AIOps solution for application management in Kubernetes environments that improves the performance of the application, decreases infrastructure expense, and reduces the necessity of manual optimization by DevOps, networking, and IT professionals.

Red Sky Ops utilizes machine learning to study, replicate, and stress-test application environments. Then it actively learns and uses optimum configurations, schedules, and resource allocations. It works with the Kubernetes scheduler as it considers service requirements, policy constraints around hardware or software, workload-specific problems, and deadlines. All this is possible with minimal engineering.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Relay, Matt Provo, "Kubernetes has quickly become the container orchestration platform of choice for many organizations due to its power and versatility. But frequent, manual tuning and excessive alerting are impeding Kubernetes initiatives with DevOps teams struggling to ensure reliable and optimal application performance without over-provisioning resources.Launching a free and self-service version of our AIOps solution will make the promise of Kubernetes far more accessible, help more organizations accelerate and automate optimized application performance, and free their most talented technologists for more strategic initiatives."

With Carbon Relay's free edition of Red Sky Ops, IT teams can obtain access to:

• 3 of experiments per month
• 2 of metrics
• 5 of optimized parameters

Break Through into the Difficult Kubernetes Barrier

It was challenging to manage and maintain stable, high application performance, and rely on Kubernetes environments. The first-generation AIOps management tools are not accurate and automated. It can miss the opportunities to profit on a big performance and generate too many alerts. However, Red Sky Ops offers an intelligent and automated process that can address Kubernetes and container complexity by improving the application's performance, decreasing expenditure, and preventing alert floods for DevOps teams.