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Cardknox Introduces its New Partner Portal’s Beta Version

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2021
Mark Paley, Vice President of Sales

Mark Paley, Vice President of Sales

The updated Partner Portal represents Cardknox’s emphasis on supplying consumers with the most user-friendly resources and excellent service.

FREMONT, CA: Cardknox, the leading developer-friendly payment service provider, recently announced its new Partner Portal’s beta version. Built as an online tool for Cardknox sales representatives, creators, and individual sales distributor suppliers to onboard and handle retailer processing accounts with ease, the updated Partner Portal represents Cardknox’s emphasis on supplying consumers with the most user-friendly resources and excellent service.

“Through their experience working with ISVs, developers, and sales agents, Cardknox recognized a need to improve their partners’ merchant account management capabilities. The revamped Partner Portal is the response to that need, and it’s all part of Cardknox’s ongoing commitment to providing clients with a superb, hassle-free experience,” says Mark Paley, VP of Sales, Cardknox.

The easy-to-use web-based platform centralizes the whole process of payment integration and account management: from lead management to ticketing assistance to application submissions. It is split up into user-friendly modules where users can easily access all the materials, resources, and forms they need to manage merchant accounts and add new ones. With the support of the new Relationship Portal, Cardknox partners will be able to:

• Develop eApps (electronic applications) and complete the program with ease.

• Quickly and easily connect equipment and features to your merchant accounts.

• Track the status of live merchant accounts.

• Generate tickets to ensure that traders get the proper assistance.

• Track leads and convert them to merchant profiles by clicking a button.

• Access all merchant application records at a convenient location.

• Share details and statements with Cardknox’s internal review teams for rate analysis.

“We created the new Partner Portal to save our partners’ valuable time so they can focus on bringing their customers an outstanding experience,” Paley added. “Our beta testers have found a lot of value in the upgrades we’ve made so far in terms of ease-of-use and efficiency, and we’re excited for all of our ISVs and sales agents to begin to experience these benefits as well.”

As a leading supplier of payment systems, Cardknox equips retailers in various sectors with all the resources they need to accept payments. Their payment platform lineup features a widely scalable payment portal that can be combined with a wide variety of applications and hardware and many stand-alone processing technologies such as their hosted online form and immersive voice response system. Along with their payment technology, Cardknox’s in-house departments provide all the services of a full-fledged merchant service provider: tailored rate evaluations, PCI enforcement, security assistance, technical support and troubleshooting, and much more.