Caringo FileFly for Swarm Extends Software Based File Storage Capabilities

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Caringo, a developer of object defined storage software for cloud storage and Big Data has rolled out a new solution FileFly for Swarm to incorporate NetApp and Windows file servers with its storage software Swarm, streamlining data backup and recovery.

Caringo delivers scalable private and public cloud storage solutions, accessible active archives, compliance and solution for flexible storage of Big Data. Swarm storage solution has capability to handle any rate, flow and size of data and runs RAM and distributed dynamic index, leaving up to 98 percent of hard drive capacity for content. It also supports performance intensive workloads.

Now Caringo FileFly for Swarm will optimize data footprint, combine files and allow hassle free movement of data to object based storage in less operational cost.

“With FileFly, we set policies that move data based on user access patterns to more cost-effective storage while still providing instant access to a user’s files,” says Martin Kühn, IT Service Manager, Max Planck Institute.

Designed with an aim to curtail ownership cost and scale up storage capacity, FileFly optimizes Filers by moving up to 90 percent of file data to Swarm, without effecting the application operations. FileFly can be deployed on an existing or new Windows server and further administrators can set file and directory-level policies to automate file data transfer from NetApp or Windows filers to Caringo Swarm. Utilizing FileFly organizations can reduce disk I/O, windows backup and recovery time.

FileFly for Swarm offers NetApp Compatibility and supports ONTAP integration. In addition, it delivers enhanced search abilities with filters based on source file name, folder path, MIME Type, attachment content-disposition, date created and date modified. It features In-Flight & At-REST Encryption offering AES256 bit data encryption of file data and SSL encryption supported with CloudScaler.

FileFly caters Windows Servers Compatibility and secure access of consolidated files scaling to 100 petabyte on Swarm. It enables users to write files to administrator-defined buckets, each with unique security, quotas and usages reporting as well as provide access over HTTP, the Amazon S3 API, standard storage protocols through Caringo ISV partner applications.