Caringo Launches its Object Storage Software on Microsoft Azure

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: Caringo launches its object storage software, Swarm, on Microsoft Azure for rapid deployment of reliable and scalable storage to developers and enterprises.It allows applications using Amazon S3 to seamlessly move to Azure.

As a complete storage software, Swarm offers fast recovery and elastic content protection. Swarm automates data management with instant access based on a 128-bit unique universal identifier.It meets the regulatory mandates that content is stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media.

Swarm offers an instant global infrastructure by integrating with Windows and NetApp file servers using policy based movement for infinite tier of storage on Azure. Files on Swarm can be combined and protected in a searchable pool for complex analysis. Swarm on Microsoft Azure enables rapid deployment of disaster recovery sites with automated tiering of files from filers.It is available as a 16TB, 32TB or 64TB Swarm cluster with an SSL Amazon S3 interface.

Both enterprises and developers can make use of Swarm on Azure to optimize primary storage through automated tiering to Azure without changing mount points or workflows; move storage from Amazon S3 to Azure while maintaining application interoperability; consolidate files into a single tier of object storage accessible through a web based portal for search and manage files from anywhere through file protocols and RESTful APIs.

"Running Swarm on Azure means enterprises have instant access to both an object storage solution plus infrastructure as a service worldwide. Enterprises and developers can now meet any file storage and retention requirements rapidly and seamlessly with universal access through our native RESTful HTTP interface, the Amazon S3 API, as well as direct integration with Windows and NetApp filers," says Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product, Caringo.