Carta Launches Token Processing Appliance for Secure Mobile Payments

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The increase in adoption of mobile payment processing has faced the challenge of security and safety of the consumer as well as the merchant. Aiming to address these challenges, Carta has raised curtains from its Token Processing Appliance designed to incorporate secure mobile payments for large banks, processors and domestic networks.

With a set of hardware and software modules, the Token Processing Appliance (TPA) provides tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) deployment with a turnkey solution to simplify on premises implementation of cloud based payments. The software/ hardware bundle facilitates security and control of on premises deployment of cloud based SaaS, cancelling out the issues associated with system upgrades, software development and ongoing updates.

"Mobile payments and particularly mobile payment security are critical and complex. The TPA introduces maximum security with minimum complexity. This disruptive new product aligns with our corporate motto: ‘complexity made simple,” says Brian Semkiw, CEO, Carta.

The TPA streamlines testing, certification and ongoing update that minimizes risk, reduces time, and cuts costs. With the compliance of cloud based payments and tokenization from EMVCo and the payment networks, the TPA in conjunction with SDK or API driven mobile payment application features tokenization management, token transaction processing, credential management and provisioning.

The multi tenant infrastructure of TPA makes it ideal for sharing common infrastructure of TPA while maintaining segregated virtual environments and security from other tenants. It can be housed internally within a bank or can be offered as a service on behalf of the banks to provide a solution that can meet shifting demands of the users.